simple pleasures

One of my favorite phrases is an alternative to “small minds are easily entertained” and that is “great minds find joy in simple pleasures.” Because it’s all about perspective. For me, a simple pleasure is getting to spend time with my husband, even if it’s just taking a nap together, going for a motorcycle ride, or eating out. I don’t need complicated things to make me happy. When I was little, I could play with a pot, lid, and spoon for hours. Not because I was simple-minded. I know I’ve never been that. It was because I could find ways to entertain myself with simple things. I wish I could go back to that, although I wonder if I’m so ADD now that I’ll never go back. Because of the internet, I have become way too “instant gratification.” Credit cards are the devil when it comes to that. The other night I bought mini cards from my photos. Because I can, not because I need them.

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