outrageous acts

I think I’m too conservative for outrageous acts. I’m a bit of a coward because I’m always worried about consequences. Outrageous usually means stupid and I’m too scared to do something stupid for fear it will go wrong and fuck me up for several years or even the rest of my life. So keep the pen moving. However, I would love to do some outrageous acts via the written word. But again, too scared of controversy. I can’t stand to think of someone that may have the wrong idea about me. What if they misconstrue what I have to say? I guess I don’t deal well with controversy, even when I manage to embroil myself in it. But I’m so much better at standing up for myself than I once was. but I have a long way to go. Sometimes I’m just too nice. Or maybe I’m just a fraidy cat. Fraidy cat, fraidy cat (to smelly cat tune). Yup that’s what I am. 

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