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I tried to learn to swim one summer. I took lessons at the public pool. in a nearby town (ours didn’t have one). i was probably about 10 years old. But we got rained out a few times and I never officially finished. So I can swim enough not to drown if thrown in the water, bt it’s not something I seek out on a regular basis – or even enjoy. And I guess part of that comes from my fear of water. When I dream of swimming I wake up gasping for breath, because I’ve been holding it. My mom said in her dreams she discovered she could breathe underwater. Not me. I wake up because I hold my breath.

When I was two or three, my cousin tried to drown me. He was quite a bit older than me—at least 6 or 7 years’ difference in our ages. he held my head underwater in a wading pool. I still remember bits and pieces.

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