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I think that debt collection agencies are the real bullies—the ones that no one talks about or calls on their bullshit. Sure, we have the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but most people view it this way—if you have to deal with them, you got yourself there in the first place. It’s the whole “lying in the bed you made” philosophy. But sometimes, circumstances are beyond your control. And these companies push the law. Because they usually deal with people who don’t know the law or know their rights. It could be a young person, new to college or someone uneducated, from a small town. They use scare tactics to get people to pay more than they can afford. And sometimes they bully people into paying more than they owe, or a debt that they really don’t owe anymore. And that, in my eyes, is just wrong. I don’t like it when companies take advantage of someone’s ignorance. Especially young or poor or uneducated people. But companies usually don’t care about what’s moral or right.

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