early rejection

Write about an early rejection. What do I have to say about that? I’m sure I can think of something. Someone was my friend and then wasn’t, or something like that, right? Why is it when she asks I suddenly can’t think of anything? How early does it have to be? Keep going forward until you think of something. Is it because it’s emotional and I don’t want to think about it? Go surface. Was there something I applied for and I was rejected? I really can’t think of a damn thing. I’m sure I had a crush, but I was always so shy that I didn’t want people to know about it. How about me rejecting a certain boy? How different would my dating life have been if I had said yes to being his girlfriend in 4th grade? What would have happened? Why was I always so afraid of life, so timid about everything? He probably would have held my hand and skated with me. What’s so bad about that? Would I have been liked more later? Would it have brought about more heartache, or less? I had so much angst. My gawd, the angst! Would boys have complicated things? They did complicate things because I wanted to be liked. But I never felt like I was. I wish I’d had the confidence I have now.

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