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Wow. A lot of masks and a lot of stages. There’s the carefree, fun-loving mask that comes out when I’m around my fishing buddies. That comes out at the tailgates and on the boat. But there’s the sterner admin me that comes out on the message boards. I try to let the fun mask come out, too, once in a while.

And there’s the mask at work. That one is complicated. It must project capable, competent, thoughtful, serious, relaible, smart and knowledgeable. But I can’t be too serious and it must have a friendly, social side to it, too. One that plays well with others. It has to be many things to many people.

Then there’s my school mask. That’s the “I’m here to learn” mask. It’s also an “I don’t care what other students think of me” mask, because I can’t worry if they think I’m cool, hip, cute, if I dress well or am fashionable, or even if I’m smart or funny. I’m a senior. I’m here to finish. If I make a few friends and connections along the way then that’s terrific. I hope I do! But if I don’t, I won’t sweat it because I do have a full life and plenty of things to keep me occupied.

Of course, I hope I take all of these masks off the moment I walk through my door at home. Then there’s no mask. It’s just little ole imperfect me. I’m just a girl, asking a boy to love me. And he does. I’m one of the lucky ones.

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