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underground history

i tried a different voice this time. i’m not sure if i like it. but here it is for now, for better or worse

What’s my underground history? Do I have one? Seems like my kin don’t want no one to know that we come from crooks, thieves and murderers. Does that make us one? Hell no. But we gots to acknowledge that’s where we come from. Baldknobbers. Rednecks. Deserters. They’re all up in that family tree somewhere. Time to shake those branches loose and see what it’s really all about. John Smith? Shit – they ain’t no John Smith. Try John Dowdy. Why he change his name? Why come?? And why don’t no one want his kin to know? They deserve to know the truf. We all deserve to know. Why we all lyin’ anyway? What good that gonna do? We got to be true to our roots. We don’ have to recreat nothin’. I ain’t sayin’ that. Ain’t no way I wanna be a goddam baldknobber. Hell no. But yeah. We had bank robbers. Uncle Charlie and them was hellraisers. Another one, way back when, ran with Frank and Jesse James. We ain’t no angels, that’s fer damn sure! So what can we learn from that underground history? We come a long way, I think. And I think they’d be proud of their kin, all the way out in California, gettin’ educated. I don’t think they’d have one bit of problem with that. An oulaw can still have some learnin’ under her belt. Shit.

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