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elevator memories

in this, we are in an imaginary elevator, and as we step out on different floors, we step out into different times of our life. on this floor, i stepped out into the sixth grade.

I stepped out of the elevator and I was twelve. I was immediately in Mrs. Osgood’s 6th grade class. I saw the big windows at the front of the classroom, her desk to the right, door to the left, desks behind me. She was at her desk, asking me to spell a word. It was recess, but I was practicing for a spelling bee commpetition.

The floors were wood. The blackboard was to my right, but it was green. I turn to the right to face her, and our new intercom crackles to life. Mr. Allen’s voice fills our ears. He doesn’t quite sound right, though. Shhhh. Something’s wrong. I stood there, unable to move. Mrs. Osgood’s face crumbles. We’re stunned into silence. The Challenger shuttle – the one with the first teacher on board – has exploded just after takeoff.

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