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new toys are grrrrrreat!

As a belated birthday gift, I got a 60mm macro (micro) for my D70. I’ve been wanting one almost ever since I got the camera almost 3 years ago. I’ve been debating the expense because, let’s face it, lenses aren’t cheap. But I love taking detailed shots. As up close as I can. I love textures and patterns and details. I am so looking forward to what interesting things we can find to shoot in Belize. And we’re both taking our cameras down there so we can shoot together. I’m so happy that he’s getting into photography and he really likes it. Something else we can share. Have I mentioned that we’ve been together over 8 years? And it just keeps getting better. Ok, enough schmoopy. I’m excited to use this new lens. Can’t wait. Watch for some macro shots in my Flickr stream.

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