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time out

we observe veteran’s day today, which means i get the day off. boy, do i need an extra day to plan for our upcoming trip and to try and get caught up on homework.

i’m getting so excited about our thanksgiving and christmas trips. i haven’t had a vacation all year. i’ve been saving up my holiday time just for these trips. i cannot wait to visit our friends and to see family.

right now, i want to tell everybody i know that we’re thinking about trying for a family. just the possibility makes me excited. but i need to be cautious, because you never know what may happen. i really want to tell my parents, but feel it’s wiser to hold off. i certainly don’t want to get their hopes up when we don’t even know what’s in store for us. i need to be patient—i haven’t gone off the pill yet! i think it’s wiser to wait until after our trips. maybe after the first of the year. hopefully that will make me less likely to miss classes in my last semester.

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