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sinking in

woah, ok. it’s finally starting to sink in that we’re going to belize in a little more than a week. when i tell people i’m going on vacation next week, they ask where and invariably shriek “Belize?! OMG! i’m so jealous!!!”

i’ve never been further out of the country than ensendada. this will be my first passport stamp. my first remote island. our first exotic vacation together. and yet, the funny thing is? the closer it gets, the less exotic it feels. and i wonder if i will experience that proustian disappointment where what’s in your mind is so big and built up, nothing in reality can live up to it? i certainly hope not. but the hype has been so big. will it live up to it?

i’m trying to just expect to relax, read, and take a LOT of pictures. but i’m also obligated to do homework while i’m away. ick. oh well, it should still be wonderful to get away, even if i have to write a paper on the beach, in my new bikini. :D

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