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hot potato

woah, it’s 90 degrees! did we time warp to august?

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i just got buried at work. so now, it’s work & school that are going to make me crazy before vacation. so very stressed right now with all we have to do before we leave. john told me last night it’s supposed to be a vacation, relaxing. if it’s not, i’m doing something wrong.

uh, yeah, thanks. work just piled a bunch of stuff on me before i leave. i have a crapload of homework, i’m at least 2 weeks behind, and with our vacation, i’m going to be 2 more weeks behind. and an asshole professor is assigning a paper the thurs before thanksgiving, due the thursday after. my entire vacation. and he’s assigning the topic, so it’s not like i can start early on it. fucker. i hate that class.

sorry for the rant. feeling a bit like i’m on a sinking ship. and i have no one to blame but myself. i’m the one that signed up for 5 classes. what a dick!

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