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i got to see our friends’ 6 month old baby the other day. oh, the cute! everybody else played with him during the evening and i just enjoyed visiting with my friends. but he woke up late in the night (lots of noise) and his mom decided to feed him for a little bit. after she burped him, though, i finally got to hold him. and i tried to get him to go to sleep. i must’ve walked him around for an hour. he was really mellow, just too much stimulation for him. every time the noisy group would come into the room where we were, i’d move on to a different room (they were having fun laughing and talking). eventually i found a rocking chair and was able to rock him to sleep. i almost fell asleep with him on my shoulder.

did i mention my ovaries hurt? we’ve been talking about whether we would start a family sometime in the future. i have no idea how we’re going to do it. we need my income. our place is small. what if we decide to move? who’s going to work? how will we get a house? it’s all so complicated. and yet i really, really want to try. there are no guarantees that i’ll even be able to have kids. and if not, what then? sigh. i just don’t know.

but i do know i sure enjoyed that little baby head on my shoulder.

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