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starbucks on crack

Is it just me or do the lids at Starbucks split a lot easier than they used to? About every other time I try to adjust a lid, it splits up the side and I am stuck with a leaky lid. When did this start happening anyway? I’m noticing a definite pattern.

Starbucks, you need to tell your vendor to strengthen up your lids. This trend is frustrating to customers.

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final countdown

wow, this is it. the last day of NaBloPoMo. we made it!

i hope you had fun if you participated. if you didn’t, i hope you looked at some of the participants and found some new reads.

i found a new love for writing – about something other than myself (which i really hate to do, believe it or not). superficial stuff is always okay, but i have a hard time with the really personal things. so i talk about crap. but freewriting from a keyword or two is really cool. i’d like to keep trying that.

another idea to prompt my writing is using some of the resources i already have, like the pocket muse. it has some great prompts in it. although it’s more for writing stories and novels, i can see how it would be easily adapted to blogging.

well, i had fun. and this month has shown me that i can find something to write about every day. i just need to continue that, with some more thoughtful pieces thrown in once in a while, just to mix things up and be interesting.

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breaking up

Well, let’s see, what do I want to say about breaking up? Do I want to speak of relationships, or do I want to talk about me breaking up mentally? There are so many directions to go in. What does breaking up mean? We break up peanut brittle when we make it! Besides spreading out the molten liquid and peanuts, my favorite part is breaking up the brittle. It’s so much fun to smash into bite-size pieces. I love making brittle with my mom. I hope we make it this year at Christmas. Next time I call, I’ll have to ask Mom to make sure she has the ingredients on hand. My mom makes the best candy. I love her brittle. We always eat way too much of it. We’ll have at least a week or more there. Maybe we’ll get to make fudge or something, too. We’ll have to go see June in the candy shop. I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s not about the gifts – we hardly do anything. It’s the family visits. And the food. I can’t wait to have Mom’s turkey and dressing. Maybe I should do a piece on food?

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burnt out

Wow, this describes me to a “T” right now. I’m taking 5 classes, working 40-45 hours a week, and I have more homework than I know what to do with. I’m tired, cranky, and I just want to quit everything. But I won’t, because that won’t get me anywhere. But I am counting down the days until I am done with school. I cannot wait. I knew I’d probably burn out by taking so many classes, but it’s better than prolonging this by another year. Well, classes by a semester, but the grad date by a year. I just want to be DONE.

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simple pleasures

One of my favorite phrases is an alternative to “small minds are easily entertained” and that is “great minds find joy in simple pleasures.” Because it’s all about perspective. For me, a simple pleasure is getting to spend time with my husband, even if it’s just taking a nap together, going for a motorcycle ride, or eating out. I don’t need complicated things to make me happy. When I was little, I could play with a pot, lid, and spoon for hours. Not because I was simple-minded. I know I’ve never been that. It was because I could find ways to entertain myself with simple things. I wish I could go back to that, although I wonder if I’m so ADD now that I’ll never go back. Because of the internet, I have become way too “instant gratification.” Credit cards are the devil when it comes to that. The other night I bought mini cards from my photos. Because I can, not because I need them.

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outrageous acts

I think I’m too conservative for outrageous acts. I’m a bit of a coward because I’m always worried about consequences. Outrageous usually means stupid and I’m too scared to do something stupid for fear it will go wrong and fuck me up for several years or even the rest of my life. So keep the pen moving. However, I would love to do some outrageous acts via the written word. But again, too scared of controversy. I can’t stand to think of someone that may have the wrong idea about me. What if they misconstrue what I have to say? I guess I don’t deal well with controversy, even when I manage to embroil myself in it. But I’m so much better at standing up for myself than I once was. but I have a long way to go. Sometimes I’m just too nice. Or maybe I’m just a fraidy cat. Fraidy cat, fraidy cat (to smelly cat tune). Yup that’s what I am. 

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I tried to learn to swim one summer. I took lessons at the public pool. in a nearby town (ours didn’t have one). i was probably about 10 years old. But we got rained out a few times and I never officially finished. So I can swim enough not to drown if thrown in the water, bt it’s not something I seek out on a regular basis – or even enjoy. And I guess part of that comes from my fear of water. When I dream of swimming I wake up gasping for breath, because I’ve been holding it. My mom said in her dreams she discovered she could breathe underwater. Not me. I wake up because I hold my breath.

When I was two or three, my cousin tried to drown me. He was quite a bit older than me—at least 6 or 7 years’ difference in our ages. he held my head underwater in a wading pool. I still remember bits and pieces.

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favorite enemy

My favorite enemy. I guess I will just do a freewrite on this because I have no idea what to say here. Do I have a favorite enemy? A favorite enemy. What does that mean anyway? My enemy right now would be time stealsers such as the internet, especially blogging. It’s my enemy because it pulls me away from what I should be doing. It pulls me away from school work. I read on the web when I should be reading Beckett or Proust. It calls me to check my email when I should be writing for my classes. So I guess it’s a love/hate relationship. I love it. It gives me a job, has given me countless friends, and is a great resource. And yet I should view it skeptically because it steals my time at work and at home, bit by bit. I shouldn’t let it get the best of me. I should hate it for what it does to me. But I love it anyway. That’s really the only thing I can think of. 

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I think that debt collection agencies are the real bullies—the ones that no one talks about or calls on their bullshit. Sure, we have the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but most people view it this way—if you have to deal with them, you got yourself there in the first place. It’s the whole “lying in the bed you made” philosophy. But sometimes, circumstances are beyond your control. And these companies push the law. Because they usually deal with people who don’t know the law or know their rights. It could be a young person, new to college or someone uneducated, from a small town. They use scare tactics to get people to pay more than they can afford. And sometimes they bully people into paying more than they owe, or a debt that they really don’t owe anymore. And that, in my eyes, is just wrong. I don’t like it when companies take advantage of someone’s ignorance. Especially young or poor or uneducated people. But companies usually don’t care about what’s moral or right.

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early rejection

Write about an early rejection. What do I have to say about that? I’m sure I can think of something. Someone was my friend and then wasn’t, or something like that, right? Why is it when she asks I suddenly can’t think of anything? How early does it have to be? Keep going forward until you think of something. Is it because it’s emotional and I don’t want to think about it? Go surface. Was there something I applied for and I was rejected? I really can’t think of a damn thing. I’m sure I had a crush, but I was always so shy that I didn’t want people to know about it. How about me rejecting a certain boy? How different would my dating life have been if I had said yes to being his girlfriend in 4th grade? What would have happened? Why was I always so afraid of life, so timid about everything? He probably would have held my hand and skated with me. What’s so bad about that? Would I have been liked more later? Would it have brought about more heartache, or less? I had so much angst. My gawd, the angst! Would boys have complicated things? They did complicate things because I wanted to be liked. But I never felt like I was. I wish I’d had the confidence I have now.

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