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rudeness increased by net?

has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? it seems to me that the ability to be anonymous on the net has caused people to become much ruder. i work in customer service. most of my interaction is based via e-mail correspondence. people leave comments on our site when they like something, don’t like something, or can’t find something.

but instead of being specific about what they were doing or what they were trying to find, they say things like “you guys are idiots”, “you suck”, “your programmers are fucking morons!” i’m not kidding. those are the mild ones.

what makes people think that this is okay? seriously? do they not think real people read these things? do they not care? how do they think this is going to help them get the answers they seek? i see the same things every day. and yet every day i’m amazed at the audacity of people and their capability of being rude, inconsiderate, and complete assholes.

i guess i shouldn’t be surprised, but i keep hoping for something better.

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write free! er, freewrite

i’m doing a freewrite for my creative nonfiction class, about what a film of my life would be like. we watched liberty heights (a barry levinson film) and then discussed what time frame and moments in our life we would include. i’ll post it soon.

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make it stop

i just want the damn sneezing to stop. somebody, make. it. stop.

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oh yeah. i should have something waiting on my doorstep when i get home. another reason to think tgif.

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