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on writing

funny how NOT writing makes me antsy and unhappy with things the way they are. not to mention that i second guess some decisions i have made recently. frustrating.

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not feeling much into blogging, obviously. just not sure what to do here. i still read everyone, but don’t comment much. having a hard time feeling a part of the ‘community’.

and blogher is coming up. i’ll still go, since it’s already paid for. but i’m not as excited as i was. maybe i’ll manage to make some new friends, or feel like doing this more. not sure at this point.

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5 days

check out my flickr set, 5 days in photos.

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if you pray, or even if you don’t, please keep joz’s family in your thoughts and prayers. they really need it right now.

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shocking news at UCSC

uc santa cruz’s chancellor committed suicide this weekend, campus reeling from the news.

being a chancellor seems like a high stress job. what a bummer that someone so high profile felt she had to take that way out. what does it say to the students at santa cruz?

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happy father’s day

happy father’s day to all the dads out there. if i feel up to it, i’ll write a little about my dad today. but right now, i’m a bit worried about my mom’s health, so i’m having some trouble thinking clearly long enough to write a story about my dad, even though he means as much to me as she does.

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hell hath no fury

hell hath no fury… and boy are they about to find out how true that is. angry

eta: i can’t even begin to say how pissed i am. i can tell you i am fucking pissed. but i am trying to adhere to the 1st commandment of dooce: THOU SHALT NOT WRITE ABOUT THY JOB ON THE INTERNET!

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working on it

no seriously, i meant it when i said i was going to change things up. only, i had jury duty this week and it’s getting close to graduation so there are a lot of school things going on with the kid. wow. graduation. she has really turned things around and is doing so much better. we’re really proud of her (even if she does manage to drive us nuts much of the time). she’s a great kid and i’m so glad to have her in my life.

so i do want to try and change things here. i’m still not sure exactly what will happen, but i’m trying to find things that interest me instead of just being lazy and doing a brain dump. for the two people that still hang around, thanks for your patience and checking up on me! i’m not leaving, just trying to take a break and then come at things from a new angle. thanks for not giving up. *hugs*

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don’t buy that coffee – donate!

boy, if i had had an opportunity like this when i was a kid, i would have totally jumped on it. and there’s a little girl out there that totally deserves to go.

suzie’s niece has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to DC and participate in the people to people world leadership program. so, instead of buying coffee next week, how about you put your spare change to a better use – help a great kid do something amazing.

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