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missed opportunity

i totally could have come in late to work today. and i forgot. dammit, i hate it when that happens!

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i get so emotional

i don’t know what is wrong with me, but i just cried when i saw pics of a friend’s newborn. he was very tiny and so cute and amazing.

and i wanted one. but i don’t know if i’ll ever get to have one. and that made me sadder than i care to admit.

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love vs. stupidity

i love my friends and family. love them. i am a lucky girl.

but people as a whole? are just plain stupid. i see this far too often every day. you’d think i wouldn’t be surprised at this point. but it still boggles my mind. every. damn. time.

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what is with the gushing? i’m kinda sick of the gushing.

would you just stop the gushing?

(related to seeing people fall all over themselves over something that’s not at all impressive to me; please don’t think it’s the hair – i love the gushing over the hair. wink )

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man, what is with everyone right now? people are just flat-out crazy with a K.

it is spreading all over the place. “common sense be damned!” they seem to be saying. my gawd, someone stop the insanity. seriously. wtf is going on in the universe? i SWEAR.

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the universe can just suck it today.

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everybody likes to be told thank you once in a while. everybody.

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i saw this today and had to run and get my camera. too good not to share. this photo has not been edited at all – posted as-is.


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i hate HATE ebay snipers. they can kiss my ass.

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geez, i listen to a little country music and i start thinking about my family. and then i think about how much i miss them. and then i get sad.

damn mood swings. get off me!

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