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has it been that long?

we took the kiddo out to dinner friday night, in celebration of her 18th birthday. EIGHTEEN people!! when the hell did this happen?

we also hung out at a bookstore and went to a movie. just a low-key, relaxing evening. it was nice… seems like we never have time to do that.

she’s probably going to move out this summer, start another job, and start school in the fall. wow. eighteen. going to college. i was supposed to be done with college before she started. and i would have, had i not opted for the take a class, take a semester off, take a class, take a semester off approach. so, yeah. two of us in school.

she really wants to – maybe even needs to – move out. but that puts her expenses much higher than if she were living with one of us. and much harder for us to help out. the last few years have been rough. we’ve tried to get out of debt, but are mostly keeping even and paying things off a little at a time. which means not much progress in the ‘saving for a house’ arena. which also means, not much money for two people in college either.

i wish i knew of a way to make all of these things happen. for us and for her. i wish we could help her get a better start than we had at that age.

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