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major things

major things happening today. wish me luck?

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oooo, i found it!

okay, since two of my favorite people are there, i joined consumating. you should join, too. you know you need another time waster.

(look, i found the invite link finally!)

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rocking out

listening to the classic rock station on itunes, doing a ton of testing, and just generally in the groove today.

sure hope it spills over into the rest of the week, cuz some major shit is about to go down weds & thurs.

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pile of goo

i think i’m going to dissolve into a big pile of goo. i just finished a presentation in front of eleventy bajillion people. ok, it was really only about 350, but still. yikes! my insides are jello. thank gawd that’s over.

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two funny things

the first:

is for my jewish posse (hubby & keith – hey, more than 1 can be a posse!). it’s a comic about a jewish guy and his robot: shabot6000.

(found via golfwidow)

the second:

has anyone seen the new burger king commercial? it features a “big bucking chicken” and it’s pretty damn funny. i wonder how in the hell it got past the censors? big bucking chicken – the only way to beat it is to eat it. you think i’m kidding? watch for it.

ETA: of course, i found it on youtube. so here you go.

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i don’t think so, scooter

i just don’t think i could work for a place named kum & go.

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i love a free lunch. *grin*

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oh boy, here we go!

the kid wants to move out as soon as she graduates. while we would prefer she stay with one of us during school, to save money, we know she desperately feels she needs some independence. okay.

now, the girl she was going to move in with (the best friend), has changed her mind on which school she’s going to. it was going to be state, which is local. but now? berkeley. and the kid is thinking about following her. going with her! why is that a big deal? one, she’s not exactly being independent by following someone else to school. two, her grades dropped so badly the last few years that she didn’t even apply to any four year schools. she is planning to go to comm college for 2 years and then transfer. and now, seemingly suddenly, that’s all out the window? where’s she going to go to school? she didn’t apply to berkeley. i don’t even know if they have a tag program. oh, and three, san fran is even more fucking expensive than where we live now. how the hell is she going to afford anything, much less school and work?

i just found out about this last night, but it sounded like it has been in the works for a week or two. maybe longer. the hell? we just now hear about it? what-the-fuck-ever.

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long way down

i’m tired and feeling a little blue. things are crazy; not all of said things are going well. i’m exhausted, i don’t get to see my family and friends, nor make time for them and myself. everything’s up in the air, in flux. i’m not sure i can take much more of it without breaking under the pressure.

what do you do for a pick-me-up when you have no time, that doesn’t include food or alcohol? oh, and did i mention i don’t have time for said pick-me-up, but i need it anyway?

just checking.

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which way did he go, george?

i could have sworn i had a post here about learning fricatives in my linguistics class. oh well. nevermind. at least i understand natalie’s site a bit better now. :D

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