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oh, people are stressing me out. well, the things people do at work that they don’t tell me about and… surprise! guess what we did!!!!

i will not stress. i can’t control what they do, only how i react.

i will not stress. i can’t control what they do, only how i react.

i will not stress. i can’t control what they do, only how i react.

i will not stress. i can’t control what they do, only how i react.

i will not stress. i can’t control what they do, only how i react.

i will not stress. i can’t control what they do, only how i react.

hmmmm, that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. maybe a hammer? i know! vodka!!!!

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a little help?

can you get an ear infection from wearing earbud headphones too much? if so, i think i may be on my way. my ear is feeling stopped up a bit and it hurts. ow!

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happy v day!

happy valentine’s day to you:

and happy v day to me:

he got my birthstone – an opal ring! i’ve been wanting one for quite a while!

(sorry, crappy quality w/the camera phone)

PS) why is that a big deal? because j does NOT do valentine’s day normally. he got me a cake one year. that’s about it. it’s just not his thing. but i’ve been wanting an opal ring for a long time, he found the right one, and the timing just worked out. or, i could say it’s an early anniversary present. it doesn’t matter the occasion, really. it’s the thought and time he put into it. he picked it out on his own and got it sized. SIZED! the same day. i know you’re jealous. but no, i’m not cloning him. wink

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not quite drowning

i think this linguistics class is going to drown me. homework, quiz, take home text, homework, LOTS OF PRACTICE EXERCISES, homework, quiz, quiz, quiz. are you getting the picture yet?

yeah, i’m keeping up so far. i just hope to gawd that it isn’t at the expense of my other classes. i’m afraid that my shakespeare class is going to be the one that sneaks up and kicks me across the room. if i only have reading and lecture in a class, but the tests require a lot of outside thinking that we don’t even touch on in discussions… well, i’m doomed. it’s not that i can’t extrapolate the info. it’s just that it gets put aside for the more demanding classes. and then the test is upon me and it’s too late to go over everything king richard and king henry said and how clever shakespeare was in what he had them say, when they said it, to whom they said it, and how they said it. and i’m pretty sure that’ll be on the test.

are you keeping the little white-coated men on speed dial? i may need them. oi! now if i could just find that damn calgon…

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store wars

i love organic food. i can’t always afford it, but we’re fortunate enough to have henry’s, trader joe’s, and whole foods in the area – so there’s lots to choose from. i buy it when i can and i think we feel much better when we do. the less processing and preservatives, the better. the other day, j came across something that got all of us laughing. if you’ve seen star wars (fan or not), you’ll get a kick out of this.

it’s the BEST organic food promo EVER. i think chewbroccoli is my favorite. i’m not sure. they’ll all quite clever.

join the organic rebellion!

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hello skully two

i just spoke with a company called shred alert. guess what? they make skully!! and they had one available and are shipping it to me. I AM SO HAPPY I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU!

ok, i’ve never in my life been attached to a piece of clothing like this. BUT THEY HAVE ONE AND THEY’RE SHIPPING IT TODAY.

i love you, shred alert. LOVE YOU! call me!

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must tell story about racing with fish in our mouth at summer camp.

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ooga chaka… khan?

okay, i saw a brief clip of THIS the other night on tv. i don’t remember why or where. but when i clicked a link today that had it, i was horribly fascinated. could. not. turn. away. i like the song, but the vido is a train wreck. and hysterical. if you haven’t seen it, you must. watch for the fish – it’s almost at the end. totally worth the wait. seriously.

and don’t forget to read the comments under it. almost better than the video.

(found via krissa)

but don’t blame me if you have that song stuck in your head the rest of the day. it could be worse.

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hell yeah!

i just got clearance for the US constitution requirement for my degree. The class I took waaaaay back when (93) covered it and counts for my grad requirements. YES!!!

one less summer class to try and squeeze in. now, if i can just get that pesky pre-major info out of there. hmmm, what do you think will grease the wheels – candy? flowers? money?

i think i’ll just say pretty please.

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out damn spot!

so, in my shakespeare class my prof is like 68 years old. seriously. he graduated from college in the fifties. but he’s a cool old coot. he said bolingbroke had a “fucking army” tonight when he was talking about Richard II (the play). i wasn’t sure i heard right at first. nope, he said it. you go, old dude!

my shakespeare professor rawks!

also, i am – so far – totally getting the linguistics thing. and i’m beginning to realize maybe natative isn’t so crazy after all for studying this in grad school. my prof is kindof annoying, but you can tell he’s really into it and loves what he does. that’s cool. he’s just a bit too enthusiastic in a 7 – 10 pm class for my taste.

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