used to be

i used to be a lot more personal on this site. talking about the drama in the my life with the ex, my other relationships, etc. but somehow along the way that stopped, and so did a lot of the traffic that i had.

i’m not sure what happened (with me). as i get more known irl and the line between online and offline blurs, i start getting uncomfortable. there are certain things that i CAN share here, and those that read will understand. those of you that blog, or read blogs all the time get it. get me and why i share.

those that don’t, well, i don’t want them reading this. i don’t want the people i know in one area (say, other hobbies) to come over here into this area. they don’t need to know that much about me. i compartmentalize. just like i don’t want people at work to know that much about me. so i try to keep my name off a little more than i used to.

and i’ve never talked much about work. but because the crossover on the net has grown so big, it’s easier for me to be found. and i don’t like that. i choose what i get to share about myself to people. not the other way around. people use information about you. if they just did it to learn more about me, that would be fine. but there’s always a catch – someone out there to use it against you. and that’s the part i don’t want, like, or need.

but i feel like a bit of my connection out there (to you all, to bloggers in general) has been lost, due to the fact i’m not anonymous anymore. you’d think the connection would be greater. but it’s tough sometimes, figuring out what to share and what not to share. especially when you’re not unknown on the web in other areas of your life (this may sound like i’m trying to say i’m bigger than i am in the blogging world. that’s not it. i am pretty well known in one of my hobbies; but that’s what happens when you are a minority, you stick out sometimes. and that’s where i don’t want things to cross over. from there to here. i let people in when i let them in, not when they force their way in).

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