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a little help?

can you get an ear infection from wearing earbud headphones too much? if so, i think i may be on my way. my ear is feeling stopped up a bit and it hurts. ow!

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happy v day!

happy valentine’s day to you:

and happy v day to me:

he got my birthstone – an opal ring! i’ve been wanting one for quite a while!

(sorry, crappy quality w/the camera phone)

PS) why is that a big deal? because j does NOT do valentine’s day normally. he got me a cake one year. that’s about it. it’s just not his thing. but i’ve been wanting an opal ring for a long time, he found the right one, and the timing just worked out. or, i could say it’s an early anniversary present. it doesn’t matter the occasion, really. it’s the thought and time he put into it. he picked it out on his own and got it sized. SIZED! the same day. i know you’re jealous. but no, i’m not cloning him. wink

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