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when i was debating what to do with my site, i thought about returning to blogger. i figured it would be easier. fewer hassles.

and then, i tried to log in to leave a comment for someone.

and i remembered why i gave them the finger. they’re so slow it drives me batty. i don’t like to wait 3 minutes for the posting screen to come up. argh! i’m so glad wendy helped me with EE. whew! crisis (and dead bodies strewn everywhere from the fallout) averted.

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school update

okay, so my professor for my tuesday class has already emailed the class. and we don’t start until NEXT tuesday. he posted the syllabus and everything.


i think this class is gonna be a bitch. it’s a linguistics class. introductory, of course. but the homework, good lawd, the homework! be prepared to hear a lot more about this class, i’m afraid. i will need to keep reminding myself that studying language and how people speak will be good for me as a writer. i may have to tell myself that a lot. heh.

we’ll see about the other classes. they start wednesday.



geology (natural disasters)

american indian poetry & fiction


this is going to be an interesting (and freakin’ hectic) semester.

oh, and because my classes start early afternoon? i’ll need to be at work by 6, two days a week. that’s SIX AY EM people. wtf am i thinking?

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