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Leslie Marmon Silko was depressed when she started writing Ceremony. The book was her therapy. Her ceremony was completing the book; maybe part of mine was reading it. Her ceremony of writing helped her heal. I’ve heard people make fun of writing as therapy. Let them laugh. I know it helped me tremendously when I was depressed. Only paper will listen when you are stuck in a dark hole. Only paper cares when you recount your same pain 27 times in a row. Only paper won’t tell you to get over it, that it’s mind over matter. And only paper will absorb your hot tears, marking your sadness among your words of despair.

I loved Ceremony. Silko’s writing isn’t always easy. It takes some time for me to understand the Native American elements, the symbolism of her writing. But it’s so worth it. I will be checking out more of her writing and interviews. She’s politically active and an advocate for Native American rights. Her writing showcases that without beating you over the head. She once said she could get her message across through stories, which is why she quit studying law. I’m not much for politics. It usually turns me off. But Silko is so masterful. I want to emulate some of that – giving people a story with a message. She inspires me to find a way to write what’s in my heart.

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