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school in session!

i finally got to register for classes today. less than one week before the classes actually start. can you believe that? it’s crazy! and of course, two of the classes i desperately wanted were full. and they filled up around an hour before i could register. gah! i frantically searched the catalog for other classes i would need.

and i did okay.

turns out i found replacement classes. not only that, but i went from having to go 3 nights a week to just two. unfortunately, the classes are across campus from each other. joy! but i’m just relieved to get into classes without having to crash. and hopefully next time i’ll get in earlier and get what i want.

so, four classes, two on tuesday, two on wednesday. not bad at all! it’ll do.

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changes afoot!

changes are afoot! woo!

a BIG thanks to ma girl, skits.

you are the greatest!

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