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well, goodbye 2005. don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
happy new year everyone!

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outta here

traveling for the holidays.
know what? texas has the worst section of hwy 40. and the fewest rest stops. and the lowest speed limit. arizona was uneventful. saw snow in gallup, nm. it rained almost the entire way through oklahoma.
but we’re here, we’re with family, and we’re happy.
merry christmas, everyone. happy holidays. hope you get some time off and enjoy it.

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you ever blow your nose, only to discover that you missed the tissue and just blew your nose all over the palms of your hands?
me neither.

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good for a laugh

you really need to read this account of a UCI grad student’s morning experience.
reported for harassment, indeed. heh.
via: da goddess

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I’m going with the RONCO school of thought on out-of-office assistants (autoreply to email) while out for the holiday: SET IT AND FORGET IT.

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angels in america

After reading Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, I reflected on my own life and actions. I wonder, in 2005, what is still relevant from this play, what still needs to be done, and what my prophesy would be, were I a prophet.

Kushner’s play touched heavily on the AIDS epidemic. It is still an epidemic; it continues to spread across the globe. AIDS sufferers are stigmatized. Researchers do not have enough research money. Drug companies want to make a profit, not spend money on philanthropy. What profit is there in curing a disease that is so rampant in places like Africa, especially when it seems average people are more interested in erectile dysfunction than a deadly disease?

Knowing what issues we currently face, we look to the future. And what is in our future? I do not see change. Technology changes, but basic human nature does not. I still see apathy�people ignoring suffering unless it happens in their back yard, or to someone close to them. I see a need for even more AIDS education in the future. But I also see more AIDS deaths. Too many deaths. When will it end?

I question if this future is changeable. I hope it is. There is still a great work to be done by the Christian community. As a whole, they have been relatively silent, except to condemn homosexuality as a sin. But if everyone that claims to be a Christian would help take care of AIDS patients, even if it is just visiting and comforting them, there would be less suffering. And maybe just maybe, they could make a difference in someone’s life. They have a chance to show love instead of talking about it. In John 13:35 Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” All men will know Christians by their love. But many Christians are badly failing! Instead of love, they serve judgment. Instead of comfort, condemnation.

And now I understand my prophecy. It is love. I do not believe God is happy with what Christians as a whole have done in His name. Killing. Conquering. Subjugating and degrading women, blacks, gays, and other minorities. So judgment is coming � but right now He is giving us a chance to make up for past wrongs. And if we do not, I think people will be surprised at the outcome. We’ll be held responsible for what we did � and, more importantly, what we did not do.

copyright 2005 becky scott

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i recommend

so, i just got my first passport ever.

obviously, i need to get it stamped as soon as possible. wink

what do you recommend?

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heard today:
“i rejected that like a bad organ”
heard yesterday:
“i’d like to introduce — — —-” (heard out loud)
otherwise known as the most boring person in the world (heard in my head)

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