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meme me

keith tagged me with a meme. i’ll humor him, but only because it’s keith doing the asking.
10 years ago: i was married and had moved to CA just over a year ago
5 years ago: i was working for a cell phone co & hating it, going to school, and in a relationship w/j
Yesterday: i worked, went to costco, read my current book, and slept
Today: i caught the bus early, but due to transfers, was just on time. it’s too early to tell what i’ll do, besides drop off some clean laundry for j
Tomorrow: i’ll go to pt loma to take more pictures (while the entry to the monument is still good)
5 snacks I enjoy: black pepper & garlic popcorn, carrots, snap peas, ice cream, and peaches
5 things I’d do with $100 million: donate 10% to charity, buy a home here, buy a home near mom & dad, help family, finish school (quit my job!)
5 locations I’d like to run away to: australia, italy, hawaii, ireland, scotland (not in that order)
5 bad habits I have: procrastinating, anal-retentiveness, nagging about the house, staying up late, biting my nails
5 things I like doing: writing, photographing, reading, fishing, walking
5 things I would never wear: a jock strap, underwear on my head, tube top, lingerie w/itchy lace, daisy dukes
5 TV shows I like: gilmore girls, good eats, 30 minute meals, inside the actors studio … i don’t watch much tv
5 movies I like: like water for chocolate, eat drink man woman, moonstruck, crouching tiger hidden dragon, shawshank redemption
5 famous people I’d like to meet: john irving, pablo neruda, jk rowling (so i can beat her over the head with book #6), alison krause, actually, i couldn’t care less about this section
5 biggest joys at the moment: when j comes home, having time to read a LOT, time alone, eating alone w/ good food & a good book, my friends
5 favorite toys: ipod, laptop, d70, motorycle, and the last one is none of your business, but j bought it for me recently

i won’t tag anyone. do it if you want to.

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