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lighten the load

It appears that the State’s electrical loads today are exceeding forecast levels and the California Independent System Operator has upgraded its request for conservation measures from “helpful” to “needed”. Please consider implementing reasonable electrical conservation measures this afternoon especially between the hours of 3:00 pm and 6 pm.
(via an e-mail notice)

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give a cat a home

Home found!
if you’re in the san diego area, and would like to save a cat, please read this. contact me for the phone number if you’re interested.
posting for an acquaintance:
There is a cat in serious need of a home. It is not my cat, but a friend of mine’s. They had to move and gave the cat to the SPCA with the assurance it would not be put to sleep. They have, however, decided the cat is difficult to take care of (it is scared, and originally came from an abusive home, so does not adjust that quickly), so they are going to put it to sleep. The cat is a white tabby, and very friendly once it gets used to its new environment. This will probably take a few weeks, however, and the SPCA does not have the ability to be patient. It will probably hiss a bit and hide the first week or so it is in a new home. I need to find someone understanding who is willing to take the cat in so it doesn’t have to die. It is very friendly with children and is a good family cat. It just needs a little time.

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