weekend random

got home from work at 1 a.m.
yup, you read that right. i thought i was going to be on call today, too, but my boss took pity and told me not to worry about it. i got to enjoy the sun today, but i didn’t get to help flip the switch to turn our old site off. kindof a bummer. but not.
i went to mission bay park and just relaxed in the sun for a while. read a little. enjoyed not being stuck in a cube for 15 hours straight. i was still tired (after a 60 hour week fraught with frustration – nothing goes smooth nor is there time to get everything done, even with all the extra time put in) and took a nap. ahhhh, now that’s a sunday.
capital one is evil, but their commercial about the mercenaries finding new jobs is pretty funny. it cracks me up every time.
and… i have to go to work tomorrow. yuk. but i get a four day weekend next week. j will be home for a coupla days, so i’m taking off on the 5th. time for a bike ride! i can’t believe how much fun this bike has been. we go on rides, exploring the area. or just to get out. i really love it. i’m thinking about taking a safety class so i can get my license and then get a small cruiser. oh yeah.

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