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suit up!

went swimsuit shopping with the munchkin on mother’s day. ay yiyi!
actually, it wasn’t so bad. i found what i wanted right away. i’m in the “in-between sizes” stage and could have gone either way in the suit i chose. wow. i never thought i’d be back to being almost skinny again. it still hasn’t sunk in all the way. i keep grabbing bigger sizes and realizing “oh, that won’t fit now!” it sounds vacuous, but i just haven’t been this thin in about seven years. it takes a little getting used to.
the munchkin (not really so much of a munchkin anymore) got a suit AND board shorts AND rash guard. i told her i’d pay what i paid for mine and if she wanted the rest, she’d have to pay out of her money (she has a job, but only works a couple of days a week). she was more than happy to do it. the suit was really cute. so were the board shorts – they’re nice & long and she prefers those over the usual tiny women’s shorts.
it was a mostly pleasant day, in spite of having to work on a draft for my last class project. (blech)

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