what’s up?

bet you’re wondering what’s new, huh? all 3 of you.
school starts monday – online health class & yoga 2 nights a week.
sending out queries like crazy, trying to build up some freelance work. i want to build up a side biz so it’ll be easier to transition when we eventually move. and earn some extra money. maybe something will kick in soon – probably right when school gets busy so i’ll be tearing my hair out. whee! remember, if any of you need a copywriter (proposals, reports, promos, ads, procedures, policies, letters, etc.), my rates are reasonable. and my business writing is nothing like the stream of consciousness stuff i do here. i’m much better at business writing and even better than that at rewriting/ editing. that’s where my niche will be, i’m sure. i don’t think i’ll ever be much of a novel writer. at least, not fiction.
i watched “while you were sleeping” tonight. saw part of it on tv the other morning before work so i just ‘had’ to see the whole thing. i really love sandra bullock & bill pullman in that movie. it’s at the top of the list for my favorite romantic movies, alongside moonstruck, don juan demarco, return to me, notting hill, like water for chocolate, and when harry met sally. those are all movies i’ve seen multiple times. i think i’m forgetting one or two.
i’ll have to go through our movies and list the best romantic movies to watch over & over. what are your contenders?

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