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can’t get enough

i’ve been doing so much writing for everyone else that i haven’t taken the time to write for me and it shows. i’ve been close to meltdown mode ™. seriously.
there’s something in me that is compelled to write. i can’t control it. i can’t explain it, even. but i start having wild mood swings and turning into a neurotic, crazy, insecure person that no one in their right mind would want to live with.
and sometimes i don’t realize that i’m not writing like i should until i start getting testy. it’s almost like withdrawals. but for me, it’s more like grounding. it helps me get things off my chest. it helps me deal with things before they pile up. and that’s what has been happening. things pile up, i don’t deal with them before they do, and then i break.
i just have to remember that even when things are traveling at breakneck speed, i still have to stop and decompress. and i do that by writing. that’s my stress relief. without it, well, *shiver* – you don’t want to see the consequences.

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better late than never?

sooooo, i have a 10 page rough draft due tonight. guess i’d better start typing it, huh?

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et tu gmail?

spammers have majorly gotten ahold of my gmail account in the last week, but especially the last 24 hours. it’s all being filtered properly, mind you. but it still annoys me. i don’t like unsolicited crap like that. when will you idiots out there that buy from them stop it? when did it become acceptable for our privacy to be invaded like this? and don’t give me patriot act bullshit, because it goes way back before it. like to telephone solicitors and door to door salesmen. i’ve never liked any of it. leave me the hell alone! i’ll buy what i want, when i want. and not because you told me it’ll get my teeth whiter or my clothes cleaner. this shit is out of control!

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work with me, people

web designers – do you love to design but hate to come up with provocative copy? does the thought of writing fill you with dread or bore you to tears?
maybe i can help. if you would rather spend your time working your magic, but know you need dynamic content, let’s work together. contact me for more info.

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yet another one

i haven’t been posting a ton because all i’ve been producing is papers. oh, and testing on a major project that goes live tomorrow. which means i’ll be working at 9.30 in the morning. wheeee! but moving a new program into production entails a lot of waiting, so the boss advised me to bring my homework.
did i mention it turns out i’ve been having trouble with my laptop usb ports and didn’t know it? high speed usb doesn’t work at all – found out when i bought a jump drive and it didn’t work. the normal usb only recognizes that something’s plugged in after i put the computer to sleep and wake it up again. joy! but apple’s going to replace the board for me. i’ll be without the laptop for a week. maybe i’ll send it in while we’re at mom & dad’s, since i won’t have much time to do anything on it anyway.
so, putting up the paper. this time it’s for a lit class, not an argument, so it’s about my reaction to a piece. go over and read it if you want to. it’ll be up momentarily.

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it’s the truth

my truth claim is up. here’s an exerpt:

I miss the smell of freshly cut hay and seeing nothing but trees and hills for miles. I miss every shade of green you could possibly imagine in nature. I want neighbors that know the proper distance between houses is hundreds or thousands of feet, not inches. I want to let the kids run outside or to grandma�s or a cousin�s house, knowing they�ll be safe and are within shouting distance. I miss lying in the grass, watching cloud formations by day and millions of stars, clearly seen and seemingly so close you could grasp them, at night. I miss porch swings, Sunday dinner, church potlucks, and Friday night basketball games. I miss having family nearby that will just as likely show up right before you need them as they will when you call. I miss deals made on a handshake, being able leave doors unlocked, windows open, and keys in the car. I miss being around families that have been our neighbors for generations. I don�t want my children to miss those things. And they won�t.

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