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merde, iii

just got hit by almost 300 spam comments. first time. guess it was bound to happen, but i don’t know when i’ll have time to deal with it. not even sure how to at this point. feh.
my temp solution is to remove the comments link, but i don’t know if that even helps with these auto programs. sigh.

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hands OFF

i took some candy around to everyone yesterday – some brownies and snowballs that the kids helped make this weekend. i took the rest back to my office to hand out later, wanting to wait until my boss is back in so she could get some.
uh, somebody snuck in when i wasn’t there and took some more because there are only 2 things of snowballs left. hello, is it just me or is it rude to go back into my office, uncover the candy, and take more after i went around and offered a little to everyone? i’m rationing it out for a reason. when i’m done, i’ll sit it on the counter for the greedy ones to gobble up.
seriously, was that rude? cuz it irked me.

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