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work with me, people

web designers – do you love to design but hate to come up with provocative copy? does the thought of writing fill you with dread or bore you to tears?
maybe i can help. if you would rather spend your time working your magic, but know you need dynamic content, let’s work together. contact me for more info.

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yet another one

i haven’t been posting a ton because all i’ve been producing is papers. oh, and testing on a major project that goes live tomorrow. which means i’ll be working at 9.30 in the morning. wheeee! but moving a new program into production entails a lot of waiting, so the boss advised me to bring my homework.
did i mention it turns out i’ve been having trouble with my laptop usb ports and didn’t know it? high speed usb doesn’t work at all – found out when i bought a jump drive and it didn’t work. the normal usb only recognizes that something’s plugged in after i put the computer to sleep and wake it up again. joy! but apple’s going to replace the board for me. i’ll be without the laptop for a week. maybe i’ll send it in while we’re at mom & dad’s, since i won’t have much time to do anything on it anyway.
so, putting up the paper. this time it’s for a lit class, not an argument, so it’s about my reaction to a piece. go over and read it if you want to. it’ll be up momentarily.

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