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it’s almost over

just a month yikes! three weeks left in class, but i still have about 4 or 5 projects to go before i’m finished. i’d better hurry up and finish that damn research paper.
i’m reposting some of my writings over on my other site, and keeping it to mostly my papers and other writing endeavors. some of it may be duplicated, and some of it original content, but i’ll let you know when it’s been updated. i had to disable comments because after almost a year the spam computers finally found it and started hitting hard, but you can always email me or comment here. i’ll eventually get around to moving to ee and then i’ll reopen comments.
i’ll be posting my value claim over there (shortly). as always, no sources to prevent theft. i finally got my grade back. “a.” what a relief! i only hope the policy one turns out as well. i’d better get cracking on the extra credit, to be safe!

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