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had a great time last night. but boy, is my ass dragging today. i got home in the wee hours of the morning. the drive home sucked – it was raining so hard that in some areas i couldn’t drive more than 50 mph. so i made a few stops to get out of the rain and wake my ass up.
i’ve never been to the queen mary before. it was pretty cool. i’d love to take a look around in the daytime and see what i missed.
the company (wendy, joelle, mikey, fran, keith, gc & hubby, eden & hubby & friend [who, by the way is adorable and easily startled. hee!] was, of course, the best part of the evening. and i can’t forget yvonne, who could only join us for dinner.
i’ve mentioned before that i *heart* roscoe’s, so it was pure heaven to go there after the terrorfest. oooh! that reminds me that i have a couple of leftover pieces. hello, lunch tomorrow!
i love us (as wendy says). i think i’ll keep them, too.

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