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i’m compelled

i can tell i haven’t been writing as much as i should. i’m compelled to write. if i don’t, i start getting grouchy. i don’t deal with things as well. i start getting overwhelmed with everything that’s going on – like it’s too much or i can’t keep track of it all. i started this as a place to vent some of that. but i haven’t made the time to do so. nor do i know if it’s the appropriate place anymore. but it’s got to come out somewhere or there’ll be no living with me.
maybe that’s why i’m having trouble finishing a paper for class. there’s too much damming up the flow.

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the eyes have it

remember how my left eye was blurry and the young doc freaked me out? well, my eye is doing the same thing today – it’s light sensitive and out of focus. while it didn’t worry me before, since it healed overnight, this time it is seriously freaking me out.
i forgot to mention that it hurts and feels like there’s something in it a lot of the time. so it’s not anything phantom. but with everything else, it was worrying me – probably more than it should. it’s almost 9 pm now – it’s a bit blurred, but much better than it was. if it continues, i’ll see a doctor. but i think it’s just something weird with my allergies, which have been SEVERE recently.

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