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there sure are a lot of senior citizens at home town buffet before 6pm.
“i don’t think you’re ready for this belly”
on noting the extra special attention from the manager:
“it’s because we’s hot womins”
“fo sho”
ahm tarred (that’s i’m tired for you non-southerners)

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my most convoluted sentence of the day:
that’s a quantifiable problem with a concrete solution possibility.
i r a english majer.

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problem analysis

INTRODUCTION: For the purpose of this exercise, you are the manager of your department. You are to identify a problem, analyze the problem and make a recommendation for solving the problem. Present the information in a way that would convince stakeholders to adopt your recommendation.
For each portion of the exercise, the following management skill dimensions will be assessed:
 Creativity
 Political Acumen
 Planning and Organizing
 Analysis (problem/quantitative)
 Decision Making
 Written Communication
YIKES! What have I gotten myself into? (This isn’t for my classes.)

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