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hoping like hell

grandma is ok for now; she’s stable and speaking with everyone. but she’s not ready to go home yet. and she has a lot of muscle damage. i’m making plans to go next week & hoping like hell that it works out. she has maybe six months if she even makes it out of the hospital. i’ve never been terribly close to her. but she’s family. and i want to show my mom that i’m there for her, to let her know i care. this is her mom, for pete’s sake. that’s not a small thing.
j got home at o’dark thirty. today’s his birthday. happy birthday, sweetie.
i’ve been fighting a migraine off & on since yesterday. stress, much?
the kiddo made drum major for next year. proud of her (but hoping like hell she can manage her homework better during junior year).
best friend’s kid getting teased a lot. and it started because a teacher called him a name – and now the kids think it’s okay to continue said torture. he hasn’t wanted to go to school for the past three months. the homeroom teacher hasn’t addressed it in the classroom, telling the kids it’s unacceptable to use those names. oh, and one of the troublemakers doesn’t really get in trouble because he has “low self esteem” – how does that make it right for him to make others feel bad?! whatever happened to putting a stop to shit like this? my teachers would have talked to the entire class, telling us they know what’s going on and to stop it. and they would have meant it. these schools have zero tolerance policies where a kid can’t say boo or have tylenol. where’s the teacher’s accountability for calling a kid a name during class and then letting the rest of the kids call him names for THREE MONTHS? why hasn’t the fucking principal talked to this teacher and made him apologize in front of the class? a kid would have to apologize in front of everyone. what’s different for the adult? shouldn’t they set the example? i thought they were supposed to create a safe environment for kids to learn. look, everyone gets teased. but all day, every day? he goes to school at the last possible moment, eats at the last moment, and has completely adjusted his schedule to avoid these people. it’s affecting him at home, everywhere. it’s bordering on torture. and get this, the homeroom teacher has been asking my friend what was wrong at home. turns out it’s something at school. under HER nose. she tried to make my friend feel like a bad mother (which she’s not). and it was happening on HER watch. some educator she is. bitch. i’m hoping like hell that he can make it three more days and enjoy his summer – he is going to italy for a few weeks with a close friend of the family. the kid needs a break.

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