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i love baby stuff. i just don’t want to do what it takes to get there.
so instead, i live vicariously by watching yvonne open presents at a party by wendy & eve. (i forgot to get out my camera, so you’ll have to look at joelle’s & wendy’s pics.) baby stuff is too cute; i can’t help myself from “aaawwwww”ing. i don’t think anyone can resist the tiny, soft clothes. can they? are you human if you can?
as always, so good to see those lovely ladies. eve picked out some great prizes for the games. wendy had a mean spread of food. and the cake. omg, the CAKE! between that & the punch – sugar overload. i think my hands started shaking on the way home.
PS) thanks for the wedding pics and music, fran. sorry that we had to banish you for the party. :~

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