address me directly or not at all

we have two systems groups – our dept & a central one. the central one takes care of security issues for program access to sensitive info. the other handles our local machines.
when i was set up to run sql, my access was granted thru central. so when i had a permissions issue, i contacted the person that set me up (with a cc to my boss). i get a note over a week later saying that it was complete. as i read the entire email, i see that the central person got pissy because i contacted him.
rather than write me back and say i need to contact my dept person, he wrote a nasty note questioning the appropriateness of my original contact and sent it to my boss AND my dept person. that pissed me off. his intent was to make me look bad. i’ve already addressed the issue w/my dept person – he wasn’t worried about me doing anything wrong. my boss already knew that i’d contacted the central person, so she was fine, too. but it bugs me that he calls into question my intentions.
i just wanted access to the program i was already supposed to have! i didn’t know that it had never been set up. i thought there was a permissions issue – that maybe my file had gotten corrupted. there have been some major security issues recently, so i can understand that they’re touchy. but rather than call my integrity into question, just tell me what freakin’ channels i’m supposed to go through!
so, i said all that to ask this: should i contact the central person and address the fact that he didn’t come back and tell me that i was going about it the wrong way? or should i just let it be since it didn’t affect me in the eyes of my boss and dept person? hell, did all that even make sense? it’s hard to describe it in generic terms.

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