eye to eye

i called my primary doctor yesterday, who referred me to the eye center. fortunately, they were able to get me in. unfortunately, i had to call 3 times to get through to someone – i’m not sure they are that great at checking voice mail.
the lady that first looked at my eye couldn’t see anything wrong – no scratches or foreign objects. the on-call doc squeezed me in between patients.
have you ever been to a very young doctor? this doctor was exuberant, but also ready to jump to conclusions (someone should make a game called jump to conclusions). my primary physician is young, but also calm & cautious. this doctor seemed like he was excited to get a cool test case. wtf?
the doc examined my eye, dilated the pupils and shined a lot of very. bright. lights. in my eye. i told him whatever went in my eye was way up under the top eyelid. he never pulled the lid up enough for a good, close look. then he bandied long opthamologist terms and threw in mri’s, steriods, women 18 – 45 and symptoms of MS. what? well, he wanted to make sure i knew about the worst case scenario.
i fucking lost it. i freaked out. how did i go from getting something in my eye to talking about vision deterioration in my left eye? i kept wondering that, but no one was answering that question.
he finally consulted with an attending, and she told him to have me wait and see if the vision clears in the next day or two. if not, then they could do further tests.
he didn’t need to mention mri’s or steriods. he just needed to tell me it probably isn’t too serious and to let the eye rest and if it didn’t get better, THEN they’d take a closer look. you can’t do that to a patient that is worried about whether their vision will clear. you don’t scare them to death! i went to my car and bawled. i was terrified. after i calmed down, though, i was in a better frame of mind, realizing he was a little too eager. damn younguns! wink
my eye is much better today. i can focus and most everything is clear with my glasses on. while my vision isn’t perfect, it’s correctable with glasses. i take it for granted. i didn’t know how easily it can change or be in danger. that was a big scare – even though it didn’t start out that way. i will definitely make sure i take care of my eyes.

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