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just breathe

More of the craziness that is my life. I left the office last night, hoping that my car would do what it does 98% of the time: start. I wasn�t that lucky. I called John to let him know, but he didn�t answer his phone. Shit. I then tried Sue, warning her that I might need a ride. Again. She wouldn�t be able to get to me for a good hour or two, so I had to consider my options. Aha! I headed towards the city shuttle that would get me within a mile or so of our place. As I walked to the stop, J called. I let him know the sitch. I caught him just before he was headed further from home. He caught a ride to the gas station (where he works) and grabbed some tools. In the meantime, the shuttle deposited me at the mall. Figuring a bus wouldn�t be going for at least a 1/2 hour, I started walking. While I wouldn�t normally choose to walk mostly uphill for a mile in 3 1/2� heeled boots, I didn�t have much choice due to our packed schedule that night. I got home finally and changed clothes. While I was contacting Sue for a ride to pick up the car, the pub (J�s 2nd job) called. The night�s cook called in sick and they wondered if he could help out. The owner is a very close friend of J�s and has done many things for us (including arranging all of the food for the reception). And since I had planned to go to the pub to sample food for the Sunday shindig, saying no was not an option. �As soon as I can� was the more accurate response. When Sue was ready, we went to my office to try starting the car again. But not before letting the dogs take a pit stop. *sigh* That�s been my week. While Sue and her son sat in the car, apparently starving, J tried to get the car running. She decided to make a food run and we told her to go ahead. If we thought we couldn�t get going, we�d call her back. We finally got the car going, but haven�t pinpointed the problem. Intermittent problems are a bitch. We did get to the pub so J could work and I could do the tasting. They were short-handed, so I washed dishes to keep them from getting too far behind. As it is, we got home after 11 p.m. I am a bit tired today. On top of all of this, my old dept is trying to get me to come back. I liked it there, but now I like it where I am, too. Is more money worth cutting ties in the new dept? We’re just starting a big – highly visible – project. My job could become just about anything; but with the budget issues, who knows when I’ll get more money? I don’t know what I should do right now. I don’t have to even make a decision yet, but I’d like to get a handle on my feelings about it and what the right thing to do is.

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