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a day in the life-leap day

It’s time for another photo project. A day in the life – leap day from
Since that’s our wedding day, it’s the perfect time for me to participate. That, and I flaked on the 26 things in November. Redemption time. Hee!

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mad world

I just got back from a couple of errands. It has quit raining for a bit and all is peaceful and renewed.
It certainly contradicts my morning. I’m in a parking lot & there’s a great big puddle. The narrow end is on my side, so I easily go around. Except there’s an SUV in the middle of the driveway – a WIDE driveway. Does he move? No. He sits and waits, and then goes around the puddle on my side (the wrong side). You have a freaking SUV, you moron. You can go THROUGH the puddle! It’s maybe 8 inches deep at the most. It doesn’t even come up to your rims! Drive through it! Sheesh.
Then, I go get gas at the cheapest place I can find. I have an 84 Camry and it still took TWENTY dollars to fill it up. I go inside for a whole quarter in change and when I come back out the guy in front of me at the pump is SMOKING in his truck. Smoking. In his truck. At a FUCKING GAS STATION! I was incredulous. I should’ve marched my happy ass up to his window and ripped him a new one. He had his window down and was tossing ashes onto the ground. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this picture?! Instead I hopped in my car & got the hell out of there before he blew us all to kingdom come. By George, that idiot isn’t going to ruin MY wedding. *grin*
When did parents stop teaching their kids common sense? When did the general public become so stupid? I run into more stupid people than I do intelligent ones. Unfortuately, the smart ones are the ones that know better than to mass produce their progeny. *sigh* I think I need to go live in a very remote place for a while. Anyone else want a nice helping of misanthropy?

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