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The week started out sucking, with illness all weekend right into Monday. I actually went to work most of the day, leaving a couple of hours early. I did a lot of sleeping that evening and finally felt better Tuesday. From there the week has vastly improved. Tues. night we had to run some errands relating to J’s new job. We ran into some friends that we hadn�t seen in a while and told them we were getting married. Everyone we�ve told is terribly excited for us. It�s wonderful and kind of weird. I expect us to be happy for us, but not everyone else. I know I�m probably the strange one; I guess I�m surprised that people actually care about whether or not we marry. We got hungry & headed to Filippi’s for dinner. Pasta, bread, wine, and good conversation. We talked about an array of topics. It was nice to get away from the mundane everyday household stuff and get into more interesting things. Dinner was nice, long, and entertaining. We had a great time. Last night J and I took our bikes down to Shelter Island and went for a ride. I took a few snapshots and we wandered over to the Red Sails Inn for some wine and appetizers. Then it was off for more riding and another refreshment at a local joint. We rode around some more and eventually made our way back to the car – it was getting quite chilly by that point. We made it home around 7:30 or so. I really had a blast. I get so caught up in my “to-do” that it’s easy to put off doing enjoyable things like this, especially mid-week. We want to have a fabulous time in the weeks preceding the wedding – and we’re doing just that. I can’t believe how happy and excited I am. I used to say it’s just a piece of paper – but it really is more than that. I guess I’m not so anti-establishment after all.

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