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Heaven, I’m in heaven

J took me out for a belated birthday dinner. We went to a very nice Italian Restaurant. You don’t really notice the place unless someone points it out to you.
The food was fantastico. Best meal I’ve had in, well … okay ever. I had Cannelloni Medaglione, which is cannelloni with a filet mignon. The cannelloni had an amazing cream sauce. The filet was perfect. It had a wine & mushroom sauce: DI-vine. I’ve never had a better piece of beef (shadup, Mikey).
I’ve had filet before, but it never impressed me until now. This steak was cooked EXACTLY the way I requested. The texture was exquisite. I could have cut it with my fork except for where it was seared.
J had a spaghetti dish w/a red sauce, peas, and chicken liver. My description sounds terrible, but it was actually very tasty.
As an appetizer, they gave us fried zucchini. It was lightly battered and tasted better than any zucchini I’ve had before. We also ordered artichoke hearts with a caper sauce. Again, yum.
And then there was dessert. I forget what they called it, but it was a frozen concoction with coffee ice cream in there somewhere. I practically swooned.
Add an excellent bottle of wine and there you have it.
We went a little early and took our time over dinner. It was great to relax, drink some wine, sit & talk, and just reconnect. I’m on air today because it fed something deep down inside. I haven’t stopped and enjoyed all that’s going on in my life. J reminds me to do that.
Best. Birthday. Meal. Ever.
update: what is wrong with you people? not a peep out of any of ya’s. *grin* i bet jennifer’s birthday stole my thunder, huh. wink go wish her a happy one.

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