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back to the grindstone … maybe?

Getting a bit more clear air today. Able to open the windows. Work will finally open tomorrow, but I have a raging sinus infection, cough, and allergies. Not sure if I’ll go to work or stay home.
Our friends and family are safe. Not everyone can say that. The death toll is up to 12 or 13, one being a firefighter from near San Francisco.
I’ve lost count of the structures and homes that have been lost. It’s around 300 for Scripps Ranch alone. I think over 300,000 acres have burned so far – I don’t remember if that includes the San Bernardino fires or not.
I keep wondering when it’ll finally be over. I remember how scared I was when the fires were rapidly headed our way. I know how frantically I tried to figure out what I really needed to take. And I wondered what we’d do if we left and couldn’t return. I think that’s how some people wind up among the homeless population. Scary, isn’t it?
I pray for all the families that have lost lives and property during all of this. And I hope it ends before more lives are lost. Joanie has some great info if you want to donate to the affected families.

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