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mellow evening

Went over to a friend’s house for dinner. This friend and I share the same birthday – he’s exactly 12 years older than I. Had good food and pleasant time with friends. It was much better than being cooped up all day, avoiding the smoke.
We didn’t realize how different the air quality was until we got out of the car back home. Woah. *cough* My sinuses and throat are really strained right now. But it could be much worse.
As far as we know, we aren’t in imminent danger unless the winds drastically change. No work again tomorrow. I guess I’ll continue to study for that postponed mid-term.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and concern. I only hope the rest of our friends and acquaintances should be so lucky. We feel very blessed at this time.

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Where’d my twenties go? Thanks for the well wishes everyone; I appreciate it more than you know.

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