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2nd update

It was touch & go for a while when the fires reached the 805, but the flames have since receeded. On the other hand, I know too many people that actually had to evacuate and the status of their homes is unknown.
Most of the area schools & colleges are closed. Which means my mid-term has been postponed. I have mixed feelings about it, due to the nature of the postponement.
So far we’re okay and friends are okay. That’s all we can hope for at this point.
But just in case, our cars are still packed. The wind is an unpredictable bitch.

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Looks like the fires are a lot closer than we had thought. Scripps Ranch is much closer than the other fires.
And I do mean fires. There are, at last count, at least 4 raging right now. And with the Santa Ana winds, it’s not a good thing.
Definitely no evacuation plans yet, but we’re keeping our ears open for more news.

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Fire in the hole

Woke up to orange skies today. It really feels strange around here. The fire in Camp Pendleton apparently has jumped over into Ramona. With the winds the way they are, it is raining ash here. Ugh. Definitely some bad air quality. I hope the coastal winds shift & drive it back.
But mostly, I hope the firefighters are able to get it under control. I can only imagine what those close to the fire feel.

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