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Dream weaver

So, the other night I couldn’t find my car. Seriously. And I was sober.
It’s not what you think.
My car has a benign color. It’s a rust orange and it disappears at night. You can’t see it. After class, I went to the end of the row where I thought my car should be. Did. Not. See. It. I was at the end of the wrong row. BUT! In my defense, there was a BigAss truck parked in front of the car, partially blocking it from my view.
But when I couldn’t see the car, I almost had a panic attack. Not fun.
Which leads me to last night. I had a dream that I had a new Camry. Only it was boxy like my 1984 Camry is. Seriously – brand spanking new. Stop laughing! And it was … lavender. *shudder* And somebody stole it.
I said stop laughing! Why are you in the floor?
So, somebody stole my car in my dream. And people I knew watched them do it. So I was all pissed off, yelling at a girl who is actually a new co-worker of mine. Now I like this girl, so I don’t know why I felt the need to yell at her. Oh yeah – because she knew who stole the damn car!
It was bizarre, I tell you. I still haven’t fully recovered.

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